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Donnie And I Looked For Mammoth Bones On The Bottom Of The East River

If you didn't hear, Donnie and I figured out how to get on a boat with some divers and go deep into the east river. 

It all started when Joe Rogan sent had a guest on, John Reeves, who basically did a call to arms to find these bones on the bottom of the east river. 

DailyMail - Speaking on the Joe Rogan podcast, the gold miner turned bone mogul John Reeves said he wanted to kick off a 'bone rush' and mapped out the location of tons of mammoth tusks that could be at the bottom of the East River. Reeves read from a draft report from the Fairbanks mining District Alaska, which detailed the transportation of thousands tusks from Fairbanks bound for New York City's American Museum of Natural History in the 1940s.

‘They took 500,000 or so bones from Fairbanks to New York City, left them in the crates… they took about a whole box car load of these bones they ran out of storage and they dumped them in the East River.'

The report specifies that 100,000 of the bones were shipped directly to the museum, suggesting tens of thousands could have been tossed out. Reeves, who owns thousands of acres of mining grounds in Fairbanks, got a hold of the report from the company he bought, and also spoke to its lead author, Richard Osborne of the University of Alaska.The report revealed the location of the dumping site at East River Drive and 65th Street.

We came, we saw, we conquered, and maybe found a couple of bones. I hope to make many more videos with Donny because honestly, it was quite the blast. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did making it. 

Here are some definitive facts from the video. 

  • Billy stayed under for 3 minutes and 37 seconds.
  • PFT sponsored the trip so long as his Instagram was promoted.
  • Dirty Water Don and some of his crew mates are on the Discovery show, Sewer Divers.
  • "Sea Monster," one of the crew members, claimed that Billy and Donnie did better than around 70% of the people he had brought out for their first dive, as few rarely leave the ladder.
  • Whenever Billy and Donnie are "at the bottom," they are a little over 70 feet below the surface.
  • Donnie endured a nose bleed on his dive due to not being able to properly clear his ears on the descent. 
  • Besides that, shockingly, no one was harmed in the making of this video.

The full video is out now and literally takes you to the bottom of the East River. Check out the premiere here: