The Saquon Barkley Dilemma - He Reportedly Turned Down A $12 Million/Year Deal, Looking For Christian McCaffrey-Type Money

Well, there is the worst news I could have possibly heard. Saquon reportedly turning down a deal for $12 million/year while it says he wants McCaffrey type money. No thank you. I'm very much on record as saying I don't want to pay a running back that sort of money. Not while the Giants still have so many problems. Not when you have to *likely* commit to Daniel Jones and don't have a quarterback on a rookie deal. 

$12 million? Fine. I'll listen to that. This year showed what Saquon can do while healthy. But then I also see a bunch of 'nobody' or 'no name' running backs being awesome and question is it even worth it? Again, Barkley is awesome when healthy, but I still despise wasting a No. 2 pick on him. That really handicapped the team knowing this was coming. 

Here's the thing. The Giants need LB help. The Giants need WR help. Badly. They still can improve the offensive line. There's still the Gettleman disaster looming over their head. At some point they have to make the decision on what dollar amount it is for Barkley or just let him walk away. That's what makes taking him No. 2 overall sucks even more. You don't want to lose a No. 2 overall pick because of money.

Here's something that makes me feel a bit more comfortable though: 

I'm gonna need Scohen to be firm in his stance. Franchise tag him? Fine. Lose him because he wants $16 million/year? Fine. That's where I'm at. I would love for Saquon to be back because he can change a game. I just don't want to pay a running back this sort of money. It's not the missing piece for this team to be a contender. There are too many holes on the roster that need to be addressed first.