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Hockey Tough: Reporter Manages To Mispronounce Almost Every Single Name In An NHL Story, Still Finishes Her Shift

Far be it from anybody at Barstool Sports [dot] com to make fun of someone mispronouncing names. This entire empire was pretty much built on mispronunciations. Put a name in front of Pres and he'll mispronounce it 7 different ways. Biz is the greatest hockey mind in the company, spends his whole life following the NHL, and still can't figure out some of these names. Marty can hardly spell. 

The fact of the matter here is that, yes, she butchered the pronunciation of Canucks in a way that I honestly didn't even think was possible. She butchered the pronunciation of Boudreau despite the fact that man gave some of the best years of his life to DC. She butchered the pronunciations of Tocchet. But she absolutely nailed Jim Rutherford. So she didn't get completely shut out here, and that should be applauded. She might be a -3 on the shift, but everybody knows that +/- is a bullshit stat anyway. And plus, hockey names are tough. You've got a bunch of French-Canadian names to deal with. A ton of Swedes and Finns and Russians. I mean imagine showing a name like this to anybody who doesn't intensely follow hockey and expect them to pronounce it correctly. 

It's pronounced Jack Eye. A name that starts with the letter X is somehow pronounced Jack Eye. Wild stuff. Doesn't necessarily excuse the fact that Can Nukes might be the most preposterous pronunciation I've heard in my life, but you can see how hockey names would throw anybody's brain into a blender. 

Speaking of putting your brain in a blender, the Vancouver Canucks are currently paying 3 different coaches a combined $7.5M. 

What a hilariously dysfunctional organization. Here's to praying they don't get the first overall pick in the draft lottery and botch Connor Bedard's career harder than this Fox lady botched Tocchet's name.