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Diet Coke and Champagne is the GOAT

Tom Hanks went on Stephen Colbert and dropped a bomb. He was, in fact, on Epstein's Island. 

Giphy Images.

Just kidding. That was Bill Clinton. 

The actual bomb Tom Hanks dropped is that he drinks Diet Cokeagne, which is Diet Coke mixed with Champagne. 

I love champagne, and don't hate Diet Coke, so I tried it. 

**No, I have never seen Forest Gump.

If you have ever been to Sonic, then you know they are the gold standard of vanilla drinks. This combo is actually good. 

This is why it was CrAzY when Pepsi chimed in to say, "we see your Diet Cokeagne, and we raise you Pepsisseco." BOLD statement considering Pepsi is a stepchild to Diet Coke and Dr. Pepper.

Speaking of bold. Why did we have to drag Red Wine into this? 

The combination of Diet Coke and Champagne has yet to be beat. Next up, Coors Light and Pineapple juice. 

My taste buds can hardly wait.