Eddie Is Out Of Control And Should Be Removed As Commissioner

Fucking Eddie. We go and put together an all-time panel together for a snake draft with guys with genuine feuds and that wasn't good enough for Red Ed. 

1) Decides, arbitrarily that my win earlier this year doesn't count in the standings. I suggested last year that we start keeping score again. We all agreed. Ed puts it into place...but not until this week. Meaning, my win for company sounds doesn't count. This win

2) Then he decides as soon as the draft is over that he is instituting another rule. A rule designed to absolutely fuck over, theoretically, the guy with the strongest board. The other dopes on this panel who thought 6 was a number 1-5, have never heard of the Russia-USA conflict, and haven't watched a hockey game in their lives are able to conspire against the strongest drafter (by 2023 record) in the room. 

We are trying to put out a good product for the people, but it's hard when nobody has integrity. The people are rising up on the internet. They won't stand for it. 

Just in case any of the people reading this are as uneducated as the rest of the draft panel…no rivalry ever burned hotter than Red Wings-Avalanche from like 1996-2002. That was real, genuine hatred and it wasn't pussy foot basketball hatred. Blood was spilled just about every time they played and whoever was left standing was the odds on favorite to win the Stanley Cup. 

ESPN did a great job breaking this rivalry down 20 years after the fact

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