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People Are Pissed At Kylie Jenner For Wearing A Faux Lion's Head As An Accessory To Paris Fashion Week

Another day, another fashion moment pissing off the internet. This one I fully don't understand. People are legitimately angry with Kylie for wearing this (OBVIOUSLY fake) lion's head, front row at a fashion show. 

Reality needs to come into play here when people are trying to "come for her." Is Kylie Jenner promoting animal hunting? Is she telling us all to get to Africa and cut a lion's head off for our latest lewks? It's embarrassing how little people know about runway fashion. Nothing that is on the runway, automatically translates to an actual outfit that the general public wears. They inspire, yes, but the only people who wear runway looks are 1. celebrities 2. the models on the runway. People need to chill the fuck out. If you want to be mad because you think it's ugly? Sure. But to call up PETA for this? Get a grip.