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Midwest Nice: Chicago Car Jackers Caught on Video Relieving A Pizza Delivery Man Of His Automobile While Addressing Him Politely As “Sir” and Saying “Thank You”


Chicago is known for a lot of things.

Michael Jordan. Mike Ditka. The ‘85 Bears. Hot Dogs. Dick Portillo. The Blues Brothers. The Sears Tower. Italian Beef. Deep dish pizza. Obesity. Harsh winters. Jussie Smollett. Dave Williams. Al Capone. Barry Obama. Diabetes. Lake Michigan. And the list could go on and on and on forever.

It really is the greatest. 

It's also known for it's great "midwest hospitality". There's a reason its a culinary titan of not only the country, but the world. When you come to Chicago, the level of service you receive from just about anybody is unparalleled. It's a working-class city that takes pride in the fact, and wears it like a badge of honor. People take care of you, and they do it without complaining, huffing and puffing, eye rolls, but rather with a smile. When I first moved here a while back for college it was culture shock. For the first year I was always on guard, wondering why everybody seemed so friendly, accommodating, and generous. Sarcasm was pretty much non-existent. And everybody for the most part was upbeat and positive. The complete opposite of New England pretty much. Once you adjust to it, realize it's the norm here, and accept it, it's not just a pretty great way of life, but it's glaringly apparent how other parts of the country are just negative, miserable, fucks.

So yah, Chicago, and the midwest, are full of "nice" people. Hence, the term "midwest nice".

But sadly, thanks to Larry over the past two years, we’re also synonymous with “carjacking” now.

That’s right. We’re setting records that are making the chop shops tell the jackers, "whoa slow down guys. We can't keep up."

It was just last week I posted this video of what was allegedly a carjacking catching a nice dose of karma by a fed-up motorist.

(It's since been disputed, but since it gave so many of us the warm and fuzzies I choose to believe the original consensus.)

Now comes another video, of a nice pizza delivery man just doing his job in Bridgeport over the weekend, delivering a pizza.

When he's confronted by three gentlemen who politely ask him for the keys to his vehicle and inform him that he will be walking from there. 

Now I know you out-of-towners, and especially you assholes from the northeast, are flat-out shocked by the courtesy and manners displayed here. But for us Midwest folk (I've lived here long enough to say us and we), this is as common as traffic on the Dan Ryan on a weekday at 4pm. Amiright or amiright? 

I dare you to take your midsize SUV into a semi-sketchy neighborhood in NY, or LA, or Houston after the sun goes down, and find even a single carjacker that's going to treat you as kindly as these three refined, cavalier, men of honor. 

p.s. - wicked random. but anytime I see anything having to do with pizza delivery guys, it makes me think back to the old days when we had a guy who kind of sort of worked for Barstool NY with Kevin and Keith. his name was Jake and he was basically Kevin's gopher during the day, and he delivered pizzas at night. I forget what it was, but Kevin made a bet with him over something moronic, as Kevin tends to do, with the stipulation being that if he lost, he had to ride tandem for a night delivering pizzas with Jake. of course, he lost miserably. and of course he prolonged paying up on the bet as long as he possibly could. I hounded him to quit being a welch and pay up because, like everybody, I wanted to see KFC knock on people's doors and hand them their pizza as they stiffed him on tips. talk about content. sadly, he never made good on this. Jake moved out to Hollywood to pursue a career in talent management (I think he's actually doing pretty damn good now), and Kevin became too popular and noticeable to safely deliver pizzas in the tri-state area. thus ends my og barstool story of the day.

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