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I Am All In On This Gus Johnson Documentary Highlighting His Balance Of Calling Games And Taking Classes At Harvard

Mitchell Layton. Getty Images.

If you are a sports fan, you know who Gus Johnson is. He is one of the most electric play-by-play broadcasters in the industry and has even gotten some criticism for being too over the top at times. 

But we can all agree that when you listen to Gus Johnson call a game, there will be no shortage of energy. The 55-year-old has gotten the chance to call some of the most prestigious sporting events out there in his career so far, and with that, comes the opportunity to be in the booth for some epic moments.

But there is more to Gus Johnson than the sports broadcaster. And his current employer, FOX, is about to showcase that to us in less than a month…

Last April, Johnson revealed that he wouldn't be calling NFL games for FOX this season after making the decision to go back to school as part of Harvard's Advanced Leadership Initiative. He has now completed that program, and FOX is set to air the documentary "Back To School With Gus Johnson" on February 18th. I am very, very excited to tune into this. We think we know so much about broadcasters when we watch their games, but I am excited to learn more about one of the most electric guys to put on the headset. 

This wouldn't be a complete Gus Johnson blog without including some of his greatest calls, either…