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Bert Kreischer is Taking Us to Amsterdam

I'm gonna make this quick because I have to pack, but we're goin' to fucking Amsterdam baby. Nine months ago we were in Nashville and Bert joked about going to dinner in Paris for just the night...

To be honest we kinda thought the dream was dead. We thought it wasn't going to happen. It's an insane thing, obviously, and sometimes when you're on a microphone (or are inside somebody) you might say some shit that you don't actually mean. All is fair in love and podcasting, as they say. I would've forgiven Bert for being a bit overzealous without hesitation. 

But then, we went out to LA to do Something's Burning and we had a chance to confront Bert face-to-face. Is it on or is it not? 

Again, Bert answered in the affirmative. He said we're on. Went so far as to mention it on 2 Bears that we were this close to going one weekend but his parents ended up coming to town, I believe.

Well, the day has come. The time is now. We're going to Amsterdam, what I hear is one of the loosest cities in the world, with one of the loosest characters in the world. We've got our flights, our bags are not yet packed, and we have no hotel. The moment Bert reached out I immediately started researching Amsterdamian (?) (Amsterdamish?) hospitals and prison facilities. Both seem to unsurprisingly be on the up and up so I'm not too worried. I'll probably end up in one or the other, but be cool about it.

The most shocking part of this impromptu European trip isn't the fact that it's actually happening, it's the fact that I'm getting texts and tweets asking if I'm actually going. Uhhhh yeah, we're actually going. Bert Kreishcer told us to get our asses to Europe and you think we're just… not gonna? I don't have to punch the clock tomorrow and build someone a house, this is kinda what we do. I'm gonna go to fuckin Amsterdam with The Machine.