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Chiefs Win 27-20. Eagles Win 38-7. Bengals win 27-10. 49ers Win 19-12.

Hey everyone and welcome back to Barstool SPORTS, where you get a break from all the typical garbage on this once proud wesite, and instead get some REAL sports news and analysis. 

Let’s start off in Kansas City, which is actually in Missouri. Patrick Mahomes hurt his ankle in a play that would’ve definitely made me cry, but he was able to return to the game and lead the Chiefs to a 27-20 win over the Jaguars to reach their FIFTH straight AFC championship. That is a lot in a row. 

On Saturday night in Philadelphia, the Eagles scored a lot of points and the Giants did not. But the real story was AJ Brown crying on the sidelines that he didn’t get the ball enough even though his team won by 31 points? Seems like a bad teammate and a toxic locker room culture to me. As a Giants fan, I’d be willing to trade a 6th round pick to take him off your hands. 

Yesterday in Buffalo, Joe Brrrrrr was ice cold in the snow as the Bengals dismantled the Bills 27 to 10. Stefon Diggs was seen yelling at Josh Allen on the sidelines and stormed out of the locker room early, but I just call that being a passionate competitor who wants what’s best for his team. 

And lastly, the 49ers beat the Cowboys 19-12. The Cowboys came very close to pulling off the greatest end of game play of all time, they just needed far better design AND execution instead of whatever the hell that was. 

Alright now back to your regularly scheduled programming of snowflakes talking pop culture and sex and all that bullcrap.