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Antique Roadshow Was Just Throwing Around Four Letter Word Sex Talk With Reckless Abandon This Weekend

This one came in yesterday, and my guy @WooRat here knows me all too well.

Salutè on nailing everything in that dm woorat. You are correct. The fact this lady is describing a ball with Walter Johnson's Hancock on it, and going out of her way to tell the host not once, but twice, that her "friend", "Big Dick" as she calls him, gave her this ball.

F- grade to this host for the terrible job on the cross-examination here.

Who exactly is "Big Dick"?

How did Big Dick come into possession of this ball?

How did this lady then get possession of the ball?

So many questions. All left on the table. 

I do applaud her however for keeping a totally straight face when she heard that name. Didn't even blink.

p.s. - where the hell was Lara Spencer at on this? Why wasn't she hosting this episode? 

p.p.s.- the new host/narrator Coral Pena ain't too shabby

I see you Antique Roadshow.