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Canadian Hero Has Some Choice Words For The Country's New Drinking Guidelines Of 2 Beers Per Day

Two beer a week? What a joke. What a complete and total joke. I honestly think it's more realistic to have zero beers a week as opposed to two beer. Once you have one beer, you're already thinking about how nice another would be. If you just wouldn't have any beers at all, you wouldn't have that insatiable thirst for the next cold one. But the moment that first sip touches your lips, you know you're down for another. And you mean to tell me the Canadian government wants to cut everybody off after that 2nd beer? Good heckin' luck, pal. 

Fortunately while the Canadian government is filled with a bunch of clowns in suits, the country still has heroes like this man right here to speak common sense into existence. If you're at home, you should be able to have 4 beer. I don't think there's any possible way someone can argue with that. The man even laid the math out there for ya. 2 liters of pop is just as bad, if not worse for you than 4 beer. Let the boys get greased up. 

Sidenote: I love how this fella went with 4 beers being the "acceptable" number and then immediately saying that he'll have 6. He's willing to admit he might have a problem, but it's not that big of a problem. 

I just don't know what the Canadian government expects of its people. How are you supposed to go to your kids hockey games at 6am every Saturday morning if you can't throw a little something extra in your coffee to get you through the day? How are you supposed to shovel your car out of 5 feet of snow every day without rewarding yourself with some happy juice afterwards? How are you supposed to watch the Leafs choke in the 1st round of the playoffs every year without washing your sorrows away with an ice cold beer or 12? I'm sorry but 2 beers a week ain't the Canada I grew up knowing. That Canada would have guidelines in place to make sure everybody was drinking more.