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Hating Your Significant Other & The Great Debate Over Inviting A Girl On A Guys Trip

This week we start off with updates on our weekend and hear how Jordyn is feeling about *boys* currently. Then, speaking of boys, Alex was one of them on her recent guys trip to Colorado. Why does everyone assume one girl = boring? We have a few thoughts. 

Next, you know what’s NoT CoOl? Hating your significant other. Talking trash on them. Why did you marry them? Cause you love them, and we urge you to act like it :) and how cute is it when they are protective of you? *we’ve got a story for that* 

We end with our wheel of misfortune, “what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a boy” and lol, just… lol. And finally, when do you meet the parents of a significant other?