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Alabama Fans Have Launched A Very Odd Campaign Trying To Claim Jalen Hurts After Benching Him And Forcing Him To Transfer

This is the tweet that started everything. When the Eagles dismantled the Giants on Saturday night, a stat started circulating saying Jalen Hurts was the first Alabama quarterback to win an NFL playoff game since 1983. Chaos ensued.

Many were quick to correctly identify that Hurts finished his collegiate career at Oklahoma in 2019 after spending the 2018 season as Tua Tagovailoa's backup in Tuscaloosa. But now that Hurts is having success in the NFL, the front-running Bama backers couldn't claim him quickly enough — which seems like a conflict of interest given that Hurts plays for an arch nemesis of their beloved Dallas Cowboys, but I digress.

Even the official Alabama football account listed Hurts as one of its All-Pros this season. Y'all are the ones who benched him and made him leave!

All of this is obvious nonsense to anyone with half a brain, but it is a mental breakdown worth having for Alabama fans.

When you bench a guy for an entire season and he then transfers elsewhere, that's where any weird boasting of that person's success ends. Bama should go ahead and start putting Alvin Kamara on these graphics while they're at it, I guess.

Alabama fans must be thoroughly confused when they don't see any posts from Ohio State about Joe Burrow — but that's a pretty safe bet no matter what because they're usually confused in general.