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ANOTHER UFO Sighting At The Mexican Border But Nobody Is Saying Anything Per Usual

“I believe it is a ship of non-human origin,” the authority responded on Twitter on Wednesday.

The photograph shows Estadio Olimpico Benito Juárez — just two miles away from El Paso, Texas — on Saturday during a match against a team from Tijuana.

I realize that the guy who tweeted these pictures and is being quoted in the NYPost is the type to see aliens everywhere. It was actually slightly difficult to find his exact tweet about these Mexican aliens because he tweets about nothing but aliens all the time. Brazil, Japan, Mexico, America, Russia, everywhere. Having said that...this image sure looks a lot like a UFO and every day that we have more evidence that intelligent life exists outside our planet while getting no confirmation from the government annoys me. The best chance we have to finding proof that aliens exist at this point is to look in Biden's garage. I don't know why this has to be such a protected secret. The government is acting as if aliens killed JFK or were on the wrong flight manifests to the wrong private island. Just fucking tell us you've been chatting with the aliens and that they're planning our immediate destruction so we can get busy dying. Enough of the reeses pieces trail. Just let us know that the radio signal from a billion light years away is aliens trying to tell us that we are fucked.