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Even The Cowboys Twitter Account Decided To Hilariously Throw Dak Prescott Under The Bus, Basically Admits Their Team Sucks

Good God, this is brutal. I blogged Micah Parsons calling out Dak Prescott and that was expected. But now you have the team's official account flat out going 'yeah, Dak sucks. We know. That's why we lost.' Oh and throwing in Tony Pollard's injury too. They could have just said final. They didn't need the 5 plays to not forget, including all their mistakes. They could have just said we'll get them next year.

Nope. And I kind of respect it. The social media team has to read all the shit tweeted at them. They are likely fans of the team. They know they aren't going to win when Jerry Jones wants the ball to go to their worse running back more and you have Dak out there. It doesn't matter how good the defense is. 

Everything about it is hilarious too. The 'downward spiral.' Blaming the 49ers for having more playmakers. Dak's interceptions. It's like a fan hijacked their account. Frankly, I don't hate it. It's the first time I can truly compliment the Cowboys. More teams should speak like fans. We all know it. We all watched the game. 

Just another perfect year to watch the Cowboys implode. It's honestly reached the point where we come together as a country just to see 1) how they lose 2) how the reaction plays out. This was better than expected.