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Letting Your Child Blast An iPad While Out To Dinner Is The Epitome Of Trash

Truth be told I wrote this tweet while I was hungry. Scratch that - I wrote this tweet while I was *hangry. Regardless, I stand by everything I said. Allowing your child to play with an iPad at dinner is (*extreme Joan Rivers voice*) trashhhh dahling. It's one thing if the brightness is turned down and the volume is OFF, but allowing them to audibly play video games THAT OTHER PEOPLE CAN HEAR is embarrassing. Shove a pair of headphone in their ears or tell them to be quiet. And if they won't be quiet? Don't go out to eat. It really is that simple. 

And save me the "he's not a parent he can't comment" bullshit. By that logic people who aren't athletes can't comment on professional sports. 

Twitter seemed to be divided on the issue...

There were also people, who while correct, didn't seem to understand what we were talking about... 

Anyway, that's my take and I'm sticking to it. So just to be clear here are the rules…IF your kid needs and iPad at dinner turn the brightness down and volume OFF. Anything that becomes distracting to other diners has got to go. Oh and "it won't be as distracting as my kid crying" isn't an excuse. Learn how to handle your child. That's all I have for this once.