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A Tale As Old As Time - Cowboys Lose A Playoff Game In Horrific Fashion, Micah Parsons Immediately Blames Dak Prescott

There it is. There are very few things you can just count on. The Cowboys losing a playoff game in horrific fashion is one of them. It's a guarantee and it's been one probably longer than people reading this have been born. I'm an old ass man and I barely remember the Cowboys being good. By good I mean legit winning playoff games. The mid-90s were a long, long time ago. 

But this? This just feels right.

We got the Brett Maher story. I enjoyed it. It made me laugh because you never know where it's going to start with the Cowboys. But it always, ALWAYS, ends with one thing. Their quarterback. T.O. crying. The Romo fumble on the hold. Dak's entire career. Everything. We always come back to this. 

And it's not like Parsons is wrong! Shit, the 49ers knew it: 

There was no reason for the Cowboys to lose that game. Their defense was unreal. Except you have Dak Prescott. He's a 'fine' quarterback, but you know you never feel great with him out there. You know something horrific is going to happen. Those two picks were the case this time. I'd be furious as a defense if Dak was out there just constantly fucking up. I'd be thrilled if I were Brett Maher. 

Part of me wants the Cowboys just to be awful and enjoy it, but I really think this is the way. Get to the playoffs, have hope and then just have your soul crushed. It never gets old. Same with someone immediately turning on their guy. 

PS: Still hilarious.