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Skip Bayless Is Way Too Rich To Have A Trash Can In His Kitchen That Isn't Hidden In A Random Drawer

Skip is sick of Dak Prescott. And to his defense, how could you not be? That was the biggest game in the past 28 years of Cowboys history, and Dak shit the bed in spectacular fashion as he is often wont to do. Dak Prescott constantly manages to save his worst moments for when his team needs him the most, and we're finally at a point where everybody can agree he is ass. 

That's not the point of this blog, however. Because as much as I can understand Skip Bayless' frustration with Dak, I'll never be able to understand how this man is so rich but doesn't have his trash can hiding in a pull out drawer. 

If there's one thing I know to be true in life, it's that it is impossible to find the trash can when you're in a rich person's home. You know that it's hiding in a drawer somewhere, but it's always the last one you end up checking. Pull out every single damn drawer in their kitchen, somehow there are at least like 40 of them, and the trash can is always in the one you missed. Regardless, rich folks do NOT have their trash cans just out in the open like this. 

What I don't understand is that the rest of the kitchen clearly belongs to a rich guy. You've got the cabinets that go to the ceiling. You've got a decently sized hood over the induction burners. You've got the double-decker oven. I'm not crazy about the colors, but the subway tiles are a calling card of the wealthy. But the trash can just being out in the open like that? That's the behavior of a man who complains about the prices of eggs. Skip Bayless is so rich he shouldn't even know how much eggs cost to begin with. Clean it up, man.