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In His Post Game Press Conference Jerry Jones Says Mike McCarthy's Job Is Safe!


God bless Jerry Jones! He is 114 years old and still is the final decision maker for the Cowboys. If he wants to draft a guy, he's drafts him. If he wants to give a RB a huge extension even though that running back is the 2nd best RB on the team, he gives that RB a huge extension. And if he wants a dead in the water coach year after year after year, then that's what Jerry will get! There's really nothing sweeter than a sad Jerry Jones at the end of the year. But he won't change anything. He won't hire a coach that wants a speck of control or able to pick his own players. I mean shit, Jerry more or less demands that Zeke gets more carries than Pollard. And then Jurrrry gets all sad when his team loses ever season. It's beautiful and poetic and nothing makes me happier. Til next year, ya bums!


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