Oh My God The Cowboys Season Just Ended In The Funniest, Most Mike McCarthy Way Possible


I'm in fucking TEARS. That was so awesome. The Cowboys trotted out that formation, everyone glanced at the buddy and said "well no way this work at all", and then we all collectively watched a pitiful final play with Zeke getting absolutely leveled in the process. Just the most Mike McCarthy way to finish a season as possible. 

As a Washington fan I have long accepted we aren't going to win as long as Snyder is in charge so watching Dak, McCarthy, and Jerry Jones lose year after year after year is the next best thing. I love that Jerry won't hire a competent head coach. Someone who will have the stones to speak up to Jerry? Not in this lifetime, pal. Hopefully making the playoffs earned McCarthy an extension. 

Just a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful ending to the game. I can't stop laughing.