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"Better Send Those Refunds" - Joe Burrow And The Bengals Are IN THEIR BAG And Dropping All Kinds Of Incredible Postgame Quotes

We already have some merch centered around this, so you better get you some before it's gone. 

While I understand that the NFL requires advance tickets to go on sale, it doesn't make it any less impressive that the Bengals used that as motivational fuel anyway to beat the ever-loving hell out of the Bills 27-10 on Sunday in Buffalo.

I swear though, EVERYONE on the Bengals is on one after prevailing by 17 points as a six-point fucking underdog.

Defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo:

Unbelievably unheralded defensive tackle DJ Reader, whose flexibility, quickness and power at his size defy basic laws of physics:

ONE first-round pick on that starting defense, which is missing No. 1 cornerback Chidobe Awuzie. 

Speaking of cornerbacks, how about Eli Apple! My guy is chomping on cigars, gassing up Cincinnati's D and giving absolutely zero fucks about talking too much shit.

Eli can't always back up his big talk, but right now, I don't even care. Other than that double move against Baltimore last week, he's been damn impressive for a while now.

Joe Mixon was IN IT after rushing for 105 yards and a score, too:

Love how Ja'Marr Chase had his own followup question LOL. I'm dying over here. I'M IN MY BAG.



Pretty sure Hayden Hurst barely knew what he was saying but if there was a mic drop moment, it was him describing Joe Brrr.

THAT IS, UNTIL OUR BELOVED HEAD COACH, Zac Taylor, took the podium. 

Zac is not at all fazed by spoiling other folks' travel plans for the AFC Championship Game and is getting a little sassy about it.


Taylor wastes not a cell of energy at a typical press conference. I mean, this Bengals team is HYPED. They are angry. They feel slighted and discarded. The legitimate championship contender nobody wants to deal with for some reason. 

Umm, with studs like Joey B, Ja'Marr and all the underappreciated defensive stars they have, this is a pretty damn fun team to watch. I'd argue it's a more complete team than the Bills OR the Chiefs. It's OK though. Keep feeding the inextinguishable competitive fire this group has. They'll just use it to help themselves keep digging deeper.

The alternative AFC playoff scenarios wound up not mattering. We'll see who the big dogs are in the AFC come next Sunday at Arrowhead. Just know these Bengals aren't afraid. They've beaten the Chiefs silly thrice in a row. Good luck, KC!

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