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The Disrespected, Pissed-Off Bengals OBLITERATED The Bills And Are Going Back To Kansas City To Defend Their AFC Championship

What is it with people who are just DYING to say "I TOLD YOU SO" about the Cincinnati Bengals? What's wrong with y'all? Do you know and/or watch ball? You're just waiting for them to lay an egg on a big stage so you can dunk on this team. It's a reality that continues to elude you.

"Domination from start to finish. That's what we expected." - Joe Burrow.

I've said throughout the season the Bengals haven't played a complete game all year. They finally did it today. This is the result. So put some damn respect on this team's name. The NFL was praying this wouldn't happen. Everyone wanted a Bills-Chiefs matchup. SORRY TO SPOIL THE PARTY. I'm not here to talk about the "advance ticket sales" storyline, but I do find it funny that the Bengals got so petty that they used that as a chip on their shoulder to even further fuel them. As Joe says above, "Better send those refunds!"

Someone explain to me, though, how this point spread escalated all the way up to six points in the Bills' favor before Sunday's kickoff. I literally do not understand. Joe Burrow. These Bengals. SIX-POINT DOGS?! 

Again...I don't think I can emphasize or replug this enough. Because the disrespect from around the NFL, fans and allegedly sharp bettors, is astounding.

By the fourth quarter of this game, the outcome was totally decided. Bengals fans were busting out "WHO DEY" chants as BILLS MAFIA headed for the exits to beat the traffic in the driving snow. Sad scene.

The only reason I can fathom as to why everyone was so down on Cincinnati is because of the banged-up offensive line. Jackson Carman stepped in at left tackle for Jonah Williams. It wasn't a high bar to clear spot starting for someone who gave up 12 sacks on the season. 

Carman and his five guys with YUUUGE wieners and thighs in the trenches knocked the Bills cold off the ball all afternoon long. Buffalo had no answer for the Bengals' physicality on either side of the line of scrimmage, as a matter of fact. The hosts managed only 63 yards on 19 carries, whereas Joe Mixon had one of his best performances ever with 105 yards and a score on 20 carries.

Aaaaand it was such a thorough beating that the refs taking away a second TD from Ja'Marr Chase was pretty much inconsequential. I don't buy the officiating explanation…Chase had two feet down, and established possession. Should it not be a dead play from then on? Catch Rule shenanigans drive me NUTS.

Didn't matter. Still stretched the lead to 10 not long after this beautiful double move from Hayden Hurst to keep setting the tone early:

What a defensive masterclass from Bengals coordinator Lou Anarumo, by the way. Josh Allen looked confused as hell by all the simulated pressure looks, stunts and exotic fronts Anarumo was throwing at him. Really seemed like Allen could've used someone like Brian Daboll today, because Cincinnati outclassed and outschemed the Bills every which way. Had Stefon Diggs SHOOK as he was limited to 35 yards on four receptions.


FEELING himself and I'm here for ALL OF IT.

If you were hoping for a Buffalo-KC rematch, at least this is a decent consolation: The Bengals heading back to Arrowhead next Sunday to face a banged-up Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Three straight wins against these guys. At what point are you so fucking in your head about not being able to beat a team that you start to implode? We'll find out soon enough. ALL the pressure is on Kansas City to snap its skid to, that's right, THE DEFENDING AFC CHAMPIONS.

I saw this after the fact…worth placing here. When everyone saw this who was all over Buffalo, tell me, how did you feel about the Bills covering, much less winning? There is no freaking way Joe Brrr is gonna go way up north and lose when he's straight-up Steph Currying 20-plus-yard dimes and mugging into the camera.


What a total, thorough ass-kicking. Played ANGRY. Just a phenomenal performance across the board. Beat the absolute shit out of the Bills.They'll be hurting over such a humiliating "L" for a while. Wild thing is, this game never should've been played in Buffalo. At least a neutral site. Oh well. Clearly it didn't matter anyway!

So, I really look forward to seeing the opening lines and watching the Bengals be underdogs again at Kansas City. Please do hit us with that slight again!! WHO DEY!!!!!

Did I call this or did I call this? Told you so, haters!!

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