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Jerry Rice Needs To Chill Out With His Absurd Chain

So that pic of Jerry Rice is from Levi Stadium this afternoon. And that chain with a giant 49ers helmet hanging on for dear life from it is very real. 

He's been rocking it the past couple of weeks, actually.

One thing you may not know about me, is I'm a chain guy. A big chain guy. Nothing gawdy, or too flashy. And I don't have the balls to wear mine outside my shirt like Jeff D. Lowe, but I am proud of the chain and crucifix I upgraded to a few years ago thanks to a big favor I cashed in at a nice gioielleria in Cosenza, Italy. 

Even Large concurred-

But game respects game and I have nothing but respect for people with taste. 

Such as:


Nick Fairley (r.i.p.?)


50 Cent

and #'s 1 and 2, in no particular order because I'm still torn to this day over whose is better

Rick Ross

and former Celtics role player Marquis Daniels 


That said, Jerry Rice needs to relax with this chain. It's secondhand embarrassment for us all. Joe Montana is cringing harder than the Jay-Z "Just Wanna Love Ya" meme

Giphy Images.

Not only is Jerry an old man. But he has zero swag. Best hands on the planet possibly ever, but a big goose egg in the swagger category. 

Never forget -