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The Dream: Clemson Kid Drills A 94-Foot Putt At Halftime Of Basketball Game To Win $10,000, Rightfully Goes Crazy Celebrating

This is it. This is the dream of a college kid. You get brought out to do some sort of halftime promotion. Could be the free throw, 3pt shot, halfcourt shot. Could be the putt. Could be whatever. But if there's some money on the line and you get that feeling of knowing you can drink for free the entire 4 years you're living the dream. Not even the drinking aspect. You actually get to go buy decent food. There's no better feeling than splurging on a meal that costs a few extra bucks in college. 

$10k is a real prize too. This isn't a lottery ticket or something like that. This is cold, hard cash. Gotta give him the big check too. Reminds me of my buddy who hit the layup, free throw and 3pt challenge at a Kentucky game and got a huge check for a couple grand. Cock of the walk for a night carrying that bad boy around, even hung it up in his apartment. Was always jealous seeing that thing. 

Helps that this is how the game ended too: 

Have a day Clemson bro. Have a day.