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Jason Kelce's Daughter Woke Up Singing The E-A-G-L-E-S Chant In Her Crib The Morning After They Blew Out The Giants, Which Has Me Even More Depressed

The Giants-Eagles game was over so quickly, I had time to mourn the loss because we had absolutely no chance against them. Then you try and move on by betting some football. Then wake up to this video. 

I am 28 and have a hard time spelling. How is Kelce's baby waking up and singing this shit? I hate that fucking chant because all they do is spell a word but God damn is it catchy. 

The Kelces had to plan this right? There was no way their kid just woke up, knew her dad won a huge game, and just started chanting. If she didm they might have already won the Super Bowl. The Kelce's have to be the coolest people in the NFL and it pains me to say that about somebody on the Eagles. 

The last thing I will say is that if we are comparing Jalen Hurts to Micheal Jordan, I will throw up. The man got benched in his own College Playoff Championship Game at halftime and is having one good season. Lets pump the brakes. Don't get me wrong, he is playing amazing. But lets see him win some more games and at least one title before we compare him to a legend like Michael Jordan.