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It's Not Fair What Clem's Teams Do To Him

I happen to root for 2 of the same teams as Clem, who's arguably the nicest guy at the company. The Giants and The Mets. I would root for his Syracuse Orange if they played more man to man, and I rooted for Siena when Staten Island's finest Ryan Rossiter was clowning the rest of the MAAC league on his way to two NCAA Tournament appearances at Siena. 

So we get along. We also were original members of America's favorite losing trivia team ... Ziti, on The Dozen. No one got closer to correct answers than we did. 

When his teams suffer losses so do mine. The Mets make us cry and the Giants got our hopes up but didn't even show up in the biggest spot. I think it was on the drive home in silence that I realized (almost) every time this poor guy shows up to a stream his team has lost (1 mets win to force game 3, but we lost the series). He's 1-3 all time but the win was meaningless because the Mets lost the series. 

To make matters worse, during one of the Mets streams he missed a big Hall and Oates concert with a ton of friends. Had to watch the Mets get one-hit and lose the Wild Card series against the Padres instead of going to a show then staying in a suite on a rare parents night out. Brutal. Oh yeah and he's a Knicks fan…

Worst of all, his round trip is to the gambling cave or HQ to stream is about 4 hours. This poor guy has to drive 4 hours each time he has to watch his teams make him miserable. He doesn't deserve this. He's too nice. Do you know how miserable it is to drive 4 hours? I start looking for flights on anything over 2 hour drives. 

Also, I don't know if you read the papers but gas is at an all time high and he spends money when he stops at the store attached to the gas station because he has to study his niche category of salty snacks, and sweet snacks and snacks in general. None of those costs are reimbursed by the company. This guy is out here driving 4 hours in misery and potentially going broke while doing it. This is not fair. Let me be the first to officially petition that the New York Mets and New York Giants start sending this man checks for his troubles. If they start winning big games, they can stop paying. They lived up to their end of the bargain, but until then…. 

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Just know who has your back Clem … 

To better times … 

Let's have a great day of football.