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Everything About That Game Sucked Ass

Listen, there's no way to sugarcoat it. Everything about that game sucked ass. The fact they gave up the bomb to Smith early. The first possession touchdown. The disaster on 3rd and 4th down on our first possession. The chain getting tangled. The guys not being able to shower. Whatever, I know I called the game under protest, it still sucks. 

Was this a Giants team that exceeded expectations more than anyone really could have imagined? Absolutely. That's what makes this game suck even more ass. There was hope. There was momentum. You can argue both of those things are fake, but they were there. People started having the Giants as a trendy pick, which is always a disaster. Never want to see that.

But everything the Giants did well went out the window. There was no big Saquon play (when it mattered). There was the bad Daniel Jones pick. There was Brian Daboll punting on 4th and short in the 4th quarter down 21. Seriously what the fuck was that dude? Daboll has been a guy who has gone for it, gone for 2, whatever every single game except the tie against Washington. 

Now it becomes one of the most important offseasons in a long, long time. Gettleman still fucked this organization with wasted money. But you have to make a decision on Saquon and Jones. I'm fine with Jones coming back. He's won me over. He was good this year. No one can doubt that, especially when you look at the receivers. The receivers were complete trash. Please, for the love of God, get Wan'Dale healthy and receivers who are legit NFL receivers. 

As for Saquon? it's tough. He's fucking awesome when he's healthy. But the very large majority of running backs who get a big contract aren't worth it. But Daboll, Scohen, etc have to make a decision. I'm sure they want to bring him back after this year. Fine. Just don't handcuff yourself. 

But tonight is about this game. It sucked. There are no good takeaways. I fucking despise the Eagles and their fucking fans. Everyone from York to Harrisburg, Lancaster and actually in Philly are the worst. My least favorite fanbase in all of professional sports by a wide margin. Losing to them in this fashion is the ultimate kick in the dick. 

Beating Minnesota and getting to the playoffs mattered only if this offseason has success. You can't have the McAdoo disaster. You can't collapse. But for now, everything about this game sucked ass.