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Johnny Walker With A Hammerfisting For The Ages!

Johnny Walker's weird ass/awkward knockouts are back - and so are his celebrations! 

Luckily, this worm came without a dislocated shoulder.

I hate that Paul Craig had to be the one on the other end this knockout, but my GOD it was fun it watch. That first right that landed for Walker spelled disaster, and then he basically started flailing limbs around until he got the finish. I love knockouts like that.

I mean - how often do you see a hammerfist finish from HERE?!

He looks about as wound up as the infamous backhand lick guy was….

….and then Walker practically ended the fight while sitting on Craig….

Walker's last few years have been very back and forth in the W/L column, but something about the guy makes me like him and root for him to do well - so I'm happy to see him string together a couple wins here. He's obviously an absolute weirdo but I think in a really eccentric and charismatic way, and guys like that are great for the division. 

Plus, he's coached by SBG's John Kavanagh, who I obviously go way back with….

….so we're basically teammates. 

Congrats to Johnny Walker on the win.