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Terrance McKinney Gets Knocked Out Cold Just Hours After Claiming Barstool Didn't Know Sports

Holy shit - remember the name Ismael Bonfim ladies and gentlemen. That was one hell of a UFC debut!

Bonfim went in there and pieced up McKinney, knocked his mouthguard out against the cage, and put him out cold - STIFF AS A BOARD - just moments later; complete faceplant, Ric Flair style...

Some were actually criticizing the matchmaking here, thinking McKinney would be too much for Bonfim in his UFC debut, but obviously that wasn't the case whatsoever. Bonfim is a monster and had McKinney gassed after only a round.

Oh, and McKinney was telling everyone who would listen that he'd receive a fight against Paddy The Baddy with a win here - he's a bit obsessed with getting that fight, and I'm pretty sure he hates Barstool because we sponsor/support Paddy - and I wonder if he'll regret looking past Bonfim tonight. 

A lesser man would bring up this exchange with JackMac from earlier in the night and dance on Terrance McKinney's grave right now….

….but I won't do that. I don't wanna kick the guy while he's down.

I will say that McKinney wearing Brazilian colors against the Brazilian in Brazil was lame as hell to me. It just came off like a desperate attempt for some cheers. Wear any other color and let your opponent have the yellow/green, my guy. 

I'll stop harpin on him, though - he's had a rough enough night as it is. Genuinely hope he's okay.

Maybe just don't pick fights with JackMac. He seems to get the last laugh more often than not.