Dave Portnoy Ordered Me to Send Daily Work Reports and Now I Am Going to Prove I Actually Do Work

Dave Portnoy recently mentioned multiple times on the Barstool Rundown that he was going to ask for reports from Barstool employees working remotely. He followed through last Monday morning sending me a text to start emailing him those reports.

Honestly, I do not blame Dave in the least. He has every right to ask that of his employees ESPECIALLY when he is allowing us the freedom to work out of the office. To whom much is given…. much is expected.

I immediately knew I had only one choice and that was to embrace the daily reports. Dave is one of the busiest men on the planet and I get a minute of his time every day. He is genuinely interested in what I do to try to grow Barstool in the South. I also get to share my creative ideas with him and that is a positive.

Dave absolutely loves giving me hell and EVERYBODY knows this. I am an easy target and a lightning rod at times. He is just waiting to jump all over me like a shark attacking his prey. I gotta show him something….

I sent him this graphic on Monday for my new show that will be debuting soon and he loved it. 

Our Barstool graphics team is incredible. I am currently working on my in home studio and other details. I want to get it right and the show will be launched soon. I want to extend a huge Thank You Big Cat for allowing Stella Blue Coffee to be a sponsor of Wake Up Mintzy.

I also realized I need to start blogging way more consistently being out of office. I still have A LOT to learn about it (especially picking the right topics). 

Not all of the ones I sent in this week are being published and it is definitely a work in progress. But that is okay as long as I keep trying to improve and sending them in. The blog is the old heart beat of Barstool and Dave still checks the numbers all the time.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I got responses of "Thanks" "Thank You" & "Good Job" on email from Dave as I had a successful & fun hunting trip with Blue Delta Jeans building that relationship. I damn sure gotta keep this momentum going because the boss man is watching my performance like a hawk.

And that is not just a good thing… it is GREAT. 

Hopefully he will not be printing anymore shirts like this anytime soon.