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A College Basketball Tradition: The Internet Losing Its Collective Mind About Kansas State's Weird Jerseys

Ah, a college basketball tradition that lets me know everything is right in the college basketball world. Kansas State breaks out the two tone jerseys and the Internet acts accordingly. By arguing whether or not they are good. I've gone all the way around and now love them. There's a reason they wear them: 

They are unique. I'm all for unique jerseys, especially when it's a one-off thing. Plus I love chaos. Seeing back to back tweets like this sums up Twitter perfectly: 

And on and on we go. They are far from the worst jerseys that college basketball have seen. The 2013 Adidas NCAA Tournament ones still will always be the worst

Plus when you do shit like this while wearing the jersey they look cool: 

So what do you got? I'm all for them in a one-off thing. That said they are currently losing 45-41. Can't lose at home wearing these.