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Wicker Park Bikerman, King Of All Hipsters

Hipsters And Circular Bicycles. Thats What Wicker Park Does!


You know, I wanted to make fun of this Hipster. I really did. Cruising town with his Hipster Beard, on his magical Round Bicycle, smoking his American Spirits, thinking this is in anyway an appropriate activity to be doing in the middle of February. But I can’t, because what he is doing on that bike looks hard as fuck. I don’t even understand how it works. I would never in a million years be able to pull that off. And I know what you’re thinking, Hey Big Cat, didn’t you just say last night that you could beat up a professional UFC fight and that you’re better at sports than Mickey Mantle? Well yes, I did say all those things, and I stand by them, but I still don’t think I could ride on this bicycle without eating a pound of asphalt. I guess I’m just humble like that.


“Hey Nick will you post that on my wall”

Someone stick a sock in that bitch’s mouth.


thanks to Nick for the tip, sorry if that bitch was your girlfriend, but more because she has an annoying voice, not because I called her a bitch.