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Home Court Advantage: Boise State's Basketball Coach Claims UNM's Baseball Team Lined Up By Their Locker Room And 'Got Physical' During Halftime

Last night was an awesome OT game with New Mexico and Boise State. Two damn good teams. But this is what I saw being talked about today. Boise State's head coach Leon Rice claiming New Mexico's baseball team lined up outside their locker room at halftime and got physical with his team. Pretty serious accusations. Now he does waffle a little bit from physical to it could have been a brawl. I assume there was some light pushing and heavy shit talking.

That said, you're the basketball team. You should beat the shit out of a baseball team in a fight if it were to happen. I also love the idea of being able to line up people heading towards the locker room. It's home court advantage. Now obviously can't get physical. Let's not be dumb here. But imagine a line of people going from the court to the locker room and you can just shit talk the opposing team. 

I love it. Again, like everything else in life there is a line you can't step over. But shit talking the opposing team for 40 minutes + getting back into the locker room is completely fair game. New Mexico should embrace this. They have the iconic arena with The Pit. They have an insane fan base. They also have a good team. 

I gotta give credit to Rice though. I love that he just thinks an apology is whatever. I hate whenever I see an apology from a team or conference or league when they fuck something up. Like hey, our bad, but your loss still counts. Tough break on that very clear foul we missed. I have a soft spot for people who don't just accept whenever. Fair game all the way around. Just don't get physical during a game, baseball team. Just chirp. 

PS: If my idea of being able to line up people outside of the locker room to chirp comes true, give me the hockey team there 100 out of 100 times.