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American Legend Buzz Aldrin Marries Longtime Love On His 93rd Birthday

MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images. Getty Images.

Buzz Aldrin was 73 years old when he punched a moon landing denier square in the jaw. Now, two decades later at age 93, he's landed yet another knockout but this time it's longtime love, Dr. Anca Faur. The couple tied the knot in Los Angeles and sources are saying these absolute rockets are over the moon. Houston, we have a wedding ha ha.

Worth noting, Aldrin was wed in what I have to assume are silver moon boots. 

Not surprising since he's always been the most fashionable man in the galaxy:

And I mean, Fighter Pilot Astronaut? Find me a cooler Wikipedia summary… You can't. 

As for Dr. Anca Faur, I have a hunch she's pretty accomplished, too, (probably because of the Dr. part of her name), but I couldn't find much information on her background. Congrats to the couple and cheers to many happy years together, as I have no doubt Buzz Aldrin will outlive us all. 

LOREN ELLIOTT. Getty Images.