It's Absurd The Beats That Jay-Z Passed On During His Career

I've always been fascinated by Jay-Z and his methods ever since I watched the Fade To Black documentary and heard all the rumors about him not writing down anything on pen and paper but instead did everything off the cuff from his brain. I wrote about it here

So to see this video of Kyambo Joshua talking about the beats he gave Jay-Z that Jay-Z passed on was fascinating. 

I mean look at this lineup of HITS. Certified hits. 

Imagine the damage Jay-Z could have done on these. Insane. Still baffles me that someone can be that good, yet pass on that many hits. It's like winning 10 Oscars and passing on 10 nominees. And these are just the beats we know about. Who knows how many gems he was offered and passed on. I bet theres a bunch he doesn't even remember he passed on. Anyone else would let that eat them up. Like missing Microsoft in the 80's. Nuts. 

If you watched the Fade To Black doc and followed Jay Z's career you remember this isn't the first time he passed on gems, and I'm sure it won't be the last. 

I don't know how much longer Jay Z will keep going but man he was one the best, and seeing this process and how many more hits he could have done is insane to me.