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Always Be Hustling: Egg Smuggling Across the US/Mexico Border Is Up 108%


NY Post - With eggs topping $8 a dozen in some cities, the kitchen staple has become a clandestine commodity — smuggled across the southern border for shoppers hoping to save on soaring prices, Customs and Border Protection officials told The Post.

There’s been an astounding 108% increase in eggs confiscated at ports of entry in the last four months, CBP told the Border Report.

Egg prices have tripled in the US amid the double whammy of inflation and a hen shortage. South of the border, eggs sell for as as little as $3 for a 30-piece container, while north of the border, sky-high prices make eggs a “luxury item.”


This egg situation is NO JOKE, man. I mean they have the god damn cartel involved. I laughed thinking of the conversation between the boss and the street guys, telling them to put down the drugs and pick up a chicken. I gotta give them credit where credit is due- they know demand when they see it. Whether Walt stopped cooking or the Avian Flu wiped out all the hens, the guys down south pounce on it.

It's truly wild though- last week when I was at Trader Joe's I was stopped in my tracks by the price of eggs. I had seen the snarky tweets about them, but to see a carton of eggs be $5 live and in person? It must be like what the kids felt like when they saw the Challenger explode on TV. I couldn't believe it. I always thought a dozen eggs would be more or less $1.99 from now until the sun explodes. It's just one of those things that never changes prices that you always grab at the store, because heck, who doesn't love a nice weekend omelette? 

But now you gotta budget if you want eggs. You gotta sit down with your Excel spreadsheet and plug in the egg column. Netflix, gym membership, eggs. I'd like to think couples are getting into screaming matches about eggs. The ol' ball and chain cracks an egg and some shell gets in it, she throws it down the sink, and all Hell breaks loose. You can't be wasting eggs like that! Might as well flush the cocaine down the toilet, that'd be less wasteful! 

It's always hilarious to me when a random food price goes through the roof. Did you know in Canada they have had a huge lettuce shortage for the last few months? Our beady eyed friends to the North have been paying $13 for a head of lettuce. I didn't read why, but if you've been eating lettuce in Canada you're basically a king. People whisper about you in their local igloos. It's just fascinating to me.