Awesome: Toby Keith Showed Up To An Oklahoma State Bar To Buy Shots And Do Some Live Music After They Beat OU In Hoops

Have a day, Oklahoma State. Have a day. This is awesome. This is what someone like Toby Keith should be doing. Sure, he's a diehard OU fan. But you get to show up and lead a bar with your own song. You gotta do it no matter what. Plus, do you know how much college kids love free shots? Remember how poor you were in college. If you got a free drink you remembered that shit. It didn't matter if it was a buddy coming back to school after graduating or an all-time country singer. You embrace it. 

Then you throw in Switzer? What a crew going to the bar. I don't care where you are - Stillwater, Norman, anywhere. Those two walk in, you know shit is about to happen in a good way. No doubt in my mind Barry Switzer can put them back. Probably took a shot or two while he was buying some. 

Should've Been A Cowboy is a great choice too. Take away the obvious Oklahoma State Cowboys connection. It's just a good bar song. That comes on you tap your toes a bit. You're not full on dancing, but you start singing along. Now getting it straight from the source? You better listen to the man and sing. 

PS: Gallagher-Iba is one of the more underrated home courts in the country. When Oklahoma State is good that place is loud as hell.