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Mel Kiper Says It Doesn't Matter That Will Levis Throws A Ton Of Interceptions Because If You're Going To Lose By 10 Points, You May As Well Lose By 40

I've truly never seen anything like the Will Levis hype machine. In August, it seemed like a fad that would eventually dissipate once Levis had another mediocre season at Kentucky. And then he did just that and it seems to have only accelerated the talk that he's the greatest quarterback to ever pick up a football. It's insane.

This argument from Mel Kiper is a hell of a spinzone, though; I'll give him that. Sure, Levis throws a great pass to an opposing defensive back about as often as he throws one to his own receivers, but those don't count because he played at Kentucky. The mental gymnastics these people are doing to try to make Levis seem good are truly ludicrous.

He's big! He can run! Who cares if he threw 23 picks in two years, he was just trying to make plays!

Has anyone actually watched this guy play football? He threw for 250 yards ONCE in 16 SEC games! And that game was against one of the worst defenses I've ever seen and Kentucky still lost, thanks in no small part to a Levis pick six! Am I taking crazy pills?!

This is just absolute madness. Any general manager who takes this guy over Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud should be relieved of his duties before the second round so he can't derail a franchise any further.