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If You Enter This Goalie's Crease, He Is Going To Beat Your Ass. Plain And Simple

Think about how many sports there actually are in life. Not just football, basketball, baseball and hockey. But you've got cycling and fencing and at least like 30-some sports that are in the Olympics that you only watch once every 4 years. For argument's sake, let's just say there are 500 sports. 

499 of them need enforcers. Would you care to take a guess as to which sport doesn't need enforcers?

That's right, bitch. Lacrosse. Because when it comes to lacrosse, everybody is their own enforcer. You take care of business yourself. If some jackass is going to dive through this goalie's crease, he's not going to wait and make a teammate beat his ass for him. He's going to dabble in a little bit of ass kickery of his own. No hesitation, no nothing. Just immediately pop up and start chucking bombs. 

Because lacrosse players are just built different. Toughest sport on the planet, in my very expert opinion. 

Also a spirited little scrap here.