New Bachelor Zach Shallcross Buckles Up for 32 Girlfriends, Clout Chasing Contestants & Lots of Crying

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32 girls vying for your attention in a California mansion probably sounds delightful at first. That is, until you get into logistics. When we interviewed Zach for the show today, the first thing I said was, "All we keep hearing is about how much you're crying this whole season!"

Zach was a great sport and pinned it down to being an emotional dude who wears his heart on his sleeve. And frankly, I support it. If he wasn't emotionally invested he would look like just another member of the Bachelor universe who went on TV for Instagram followers and brand deals.

After watching Zach break down last year over Bachelorette Rachel's sudden breakup with him over their (4 month!) age difference, it was clear to many he was genuine in his search for love. Today he hinted that he can't say the same for some of his contestants this season.

"I was hyper-alert" he said. "You'll see that's something that is discussed and brought to light. It is on your mind 24/7. To be honest you can kind of see through it. You're like, this person you can tell is actually open and taking it seriously versus this person is just looking for clout, or this one just ripped a shot and wants to make it on TV. Sometimes it's really apparent and sometimes it takes some time but that was for sure the thing I was like, 'I can't have this bite me in the ass'."

For the full interview listen to today's Chicks in the Office: