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Jason Momoa Left A DC Meeting Screaming With Joy, Which Means He's Either The Awesome Villain Lobo Or Is Still Aquaman

It's pretty clear the new regime leading DC Studios at Warner Bros is intent on rebooting as much of the DC superhero continuity as possible, so if Jason Momoa is bowing out as Aquaman, at least he's still going to be around in a role he was born to play.

I won't spend too much time speculating about Momoa's future as King of the Seven Seas. Aquaman made well over a billion dollars at the box office and has a sequel dropping in December that should rake in a ton of money as well. To leave the role in that good of shape with all the chaos surrounding the DC Universe and the clusterfuck of Justice League is something Momoa should be proud of.

What I believe Momoa is so hyped about is the chance to play Lobo. New DC co-chief James Gunn is writing the new Superman movie with a younger actor as Clark Kent to replace Henry Cavill. Based on that and the fact that Momoa just met with Gunn before dropping this jovial video, there's at least a possibility that Momoa could be the main antagonist of the upcoming Superman flick.

To give you an idea of what to expect from Lobo as a character, here's some highlights from his run on Season 2 of the show Krypton:

The actor who plays Lobo there, Emmett J. Scanlan, actually does a hell of a job. He shows you how offbeat, unpredictable, often hilarious and formidably strong Lobo is. An awesome foil to the forthright Superman.

Can you imagine Jason Momoa channeling some of that Khal Drogo ferocity, mixed in with some of his real-life goofiness and the movie star charisma that helped him land the Aquaman part in the first place? Holy shit what a combination that could be.

I feel like Momoa would be among the most fun guys to hang with in the entertainment industry, and the video he posted about this mysterious WB/DC meeting captures why that is quite well. I don't feel like he's really had a chance to fully flex his comedic chops since hitting it big in Game of Thrones. Those opportunities have only come in waves. 

Lobo is the type of showcase that could lift Momoa to another stratosphere and show off how versatile he can be as an actor. Zack Snyder loyalists and other nerds will argue this is such a slap in the face and a downgrade for Momoa. My take is this is just him dealing with the reality that DC executives are taking everything in a completely new direction. I think it's great that Momoa seems to be adapting and could still deliver one of the most iconic comic book movie performances ever pretty soon.

OR…maybe Momoa is staying on as Aquaman after all? To be honest I'd be stunned if that were the case, unless the studio is over the moon about the upcoming movie. There hasn't been near the buzz about Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom as there's been about The Flash, which is seemingly impervious to all of Ezra Miller's off-set woes and could be among the better DC films ever.

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