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Roger Goodell (Who As A Reminder Testified Under Oath To Congress That He Is Not Familiar With Barstool Sports) Just Banned Bussin' With The Boys From Radio Row At The Superbowl

Well it appears the 20 year war with the NFL is alive and well.   Because just yesterday Will Compton and Tayler Lewan – Aka – (the boys) were told that their wildly successful NFL podcast affectionally known as Bussin With The Boys would be banned from Radio Row because of their affiliation with Barstool Sports.   This coming on the heels of Will Compton being denied his 10th year of eligibility in NFL because you guessed it… his association with Barstool Sports.  No word how his cohost and current NFL player Taylor Lewan is allowed to continue in the league.  Stay tuned for how that turns out next year.


Anyway since Roger Goodell testified fairly recently under oath that he is not familiar with Barstool Sports I thought we should go over just a few of the times Barstool and the NFL have crossed paths.

1. NFL Media Day When I Chased Mike Kensil Out Of The Gym

2. We Led A Roger Goodell Clown Protest At Gillette Stadium

Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.

3. The Brady 4 Handcuffed Ourselves To Each Other And Got Arrested At NFL HQ’s

4. The Time I Saw Goodell At Brady’s Court Hearing And Was Screaming Hitler At Him

5. PFT And I Getting Dragged Out Of Superbowl Media Day

6. The NFL Issuing An Internal Press Release To Their Employees To Be On The Lookout For The “Barstool Gang” And Our Nefarious Activities

7. I Got Dragged Out Of The Superbowl In Handcuffs

8. I Paid 250K To Win A Covid Auction To Watch Monday Night Football With Roger Goodell In His Mancave.  The Prize Was Revoked By Roger Goodell.   Nobody Got The Money For Charity

9. Will Compton Told He Can Not Play In The NFL Because Of His Association With Barstool Sports

10. Bussin With The Boys (Who Is Literally Made Up Of Current NFL Players) Is Banned From Radio Row Because Of Affiliation With Barstool Sports


I’m sure I missed a few run ins along the way, but yes it does seem hard to believe that Roger Goodell still has never heard of Barstool Sports.