I Went Duck Hunting for 1st Time in 30 Years & Loved It!

I am in South Texas at the Bay Flats Lodge for a few days hosting the Blue Delta Jeans Coastal Cup. It is a high end duck hunting tournament & these fellas are going all out!

We were welcomed with a steak dinner last night. I got assigned to one of the duck hunting groups & was ready to roll bright & early at 4:15am this morning!

We took an air boat for a 30 minute ride to get to our duck blind. And I got my face painted up & caught a gorgeous sunrise. 

The ducks were flying early in the morning & the team I was with is currently in 1st place. 

They shot an extremely rare banded pintail duck. Everyone was fired up as apparently this is like a 1 out of 10,000 type event. 

Sydnie Wells of Barstool Outdoors even chimed in on Twitter! 

The ducks slowed down after a couple hours & we ended up staying out in the blind til about 10am. While I did not shoot any ducks, I had such a good time. 

I definitely could see myself picking up duck hunting as a hobby in the future. Maybe I need to get Sydnie Wells on the horn to teach me a thing or two. 

I already am looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow morning! 

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