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End Of An Era: Mike Brey Is Reportedly Retiring At The End Of Notre Dame's Season

This doesn't exactly feel shocking, but at the same time we're about to be in a new era. Mike Brey has been at Notre Dame since 2000. He's one of those guys we're just used to seeing on the sidelines. Now we have the trend of those guys stepping away - except Jim Boeheim. He just flat out refuses despite saying he was retiring like 5 years ago or whatever. 

But after some pretty damn good years, Brey hasn't had success. That's just a fact. There's no reason for this team to be 9-10 overall and 1-7 in the ACC. There's no reason for this team to have losses to St. Bonaventure, FSU (twice) or BC. They have plenty of experience. They have a group that is a year removed from making the NCAA Tournament. This is a prototypical Mike Brey team. 

Brey is also an elite college basketball content guy. He was a character, which is what the sport needs. When you think of programs you tend to think of coaches. That's just the way the sport is. Plus, this is one of my favorite pictures and even if Notre Dame sucks the rest of the season, they should frame it inside the arena. 

Hell, I can't believe he's retiring one game after doing the donut move: 

It didn't work, but a donut move is always the move. 

As for replacements? Everyone will say Martin Ingelsby. He played at Notre Dame, he was an assistant at Notre Dame, he's the current head coach at Delaware and took them to a Tournament. It makes sense. But it's also Notre Dame. I know it's football and you're playing second fiddle there, but there's plenty of money to try and chase a bigger name if they want. Problem is I don't know who fits. Porter Moser isn't leaving Oklahoma for Notre Dame. Maybe you try to get Niko Medved at Colorado State? Do you go with former player Chris Quinn/current assistant with the Heat? 

Either way it's going to be weird watching Notre Dame without Brey.