"Hunters" Season 2 Has Dropped On Amazon So It's Important To Remember That Hitler Didn't Die In Germany And Lived Out His Years In This South American Mansion

Hunters season 2 dropped on Amazon Prime recently. When exactly I am not sure. I feel like it was a hot show for season 1 with plenty of buzz. Then probably thanks to covid and other challenges they took like three years to put out season 2 and nobody really cares anymore. I care. I started to watch last night. Literally got 5 minutes before I was interrupted by someone who shall remain nameless saying "oh cool, let's just restart the entire show so I can catch up". So that is where I am...about 3.5 eps into season 1. 

I love the premise for the show of Hunting Nazis around the world after the 2nd war. And if you think that premise is absurd, well, tell that to J Edgar Hoover. The man who founded and led the FBI for DECADES was obsessed with finding Hitler in South America. He allocated millions to finding him after the War and declassified FBI documents from 2014 claim that he escaped Germany in a submarine and lived out his days on a heavily guarded ranch in the South America. A TON of high ranking Nazis were recruited by the US Government through Operation Paperclip. Many of them worked for NASA. Adolf Eichmann was arrested in South America and tried in Israel for War Crimes. He was hiding there under a secret identity for a LONG time. It is very plausible that Hitler's "body" found by the Russians was a fake. 

There are places in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay that speak fucking German because so many settled there after the war. Insane that this isn't talked about more. I mean there is large speculation that Hitler's house was this gorgeous estate

If you didn't know better you'd think that this was a gorgeous chateau on the shores of some spectacular Austria lake in the Alps. Nope. Just a similar climate on the opposite end of the world where the worst person ever to live Stunning. I've blogged this before, but it was in like 2019 and I feel like people should talk about this at least once per year.