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Tough Life: People Are Refusing To Accept $5,500 Per Month To Be Ronaldo's Personal Chef Because Of His Demands

[Source] - He's not been able to fill the vacancy as reports in Portugal claim Ronaldo and partner Georgina Rodriguez are insisting the chef specialises in Portuguese food, as well as international delicacies, such as sushi.

It's believed the chef will earn a salary of £4,500-per-month if they decide to take the job. Ronaldo has been in sensational shape throughout his career, always maintaining high standards.

I'm not going to do what you think here. I'm not going to blindly make fun of Ronaldo for being a douchebag. I'm going to give him some advice. Give it up, man. You're on your last couple years of soccer. Lighten up and enjoy some pasta. It's delicious. Go get wings on a Sunday. Preferably get the smoked. It's a perfect meal. Enjoy a heaping pile of nachos with extra queso and sour cream because you can.

Now, I'm not sure the going rate for personal chefs, because I'm a blogger in Cincinnati. But moving this to American dollars - $66,000 seems cheap? I don't know. You're Ronaldo. You just got paid hundreds of millions dollars to go being a Saudi Arabian spokesperson, you can afford more than that. 

That said, people saying no to Ronaldo for being a demanding asshole is perfect. Again, just enjoy life one time. Eat some Oreos. Eat some Biscoff cookies (still trash). All I know is anyone else would be enjoying good ass food. Who cares? You already got paid from Saudi Arabia, you were already rich enough before that. Just get a giant burrito one time. 

I actually think Ronaldo would move into the tolerable category if he was just normal. I know most rich people aren't. But if he retired and immediately turned into a food blogger but only for shitty foods. Go hits up Taco Bells, Bojangles (neither are shitty, you get the point), Torchy's Tacos, etc. I assume it'd be the same as trying to get a child to eat a vegetable. 

So let me be on record here. I also will be turning down $5,500 per month to be Ronaldo's personal chef.