Someone Leaked The Illinois Student Section's Cheer Sheet For Tonight's Game Against Indiana And It's Lame As Hell

Illinois has typically had one of the better student sections in the country. The Orange Krush is a great nickname for them too. Now, cheer sheets are normal. This isn't some new thing or anything like that. But, man, this is lame as hell. You're playing Indiana. Shit talking should be encouraged at all games, but especially a Big 10 conference game. You gotta come up with something better than this. 

Talking about IU's fans hating them is fine. That's a decent start. Build on that. Call Miller Kopp a pencil neck since that was hi go-to insult. Also bringing up the draft? Illinois has had 1 person drafted in the same time frame (Ayo). Just make sure you're dominating someone in a department of shit talking. Can't win 1-0 in a 3-year draft span and mock them for it. Also if you're bringing up rankings of business schools, man, it's basketball. We ain't come here to play school. 

Again, Indiana basketball is pretty easy to make fun of. You gotta do some sort of research here. Or at least be funny. One or the other. This used to be Illinois: 

I'm not saying you gotta wait for a 1 vs 3 game again. But this is one of those games that is always etched into my mind. I still remember watching it live and thinking how awesome Illinois' student section looked. Can't be making Steve Harvey jokes about Mike Woodson and get away with it. I hope whoever leaked this is banned from the game and some leader takes over with actual jokes.