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Everyone's Favorite Bold Faced Liar George Santos Was Allegedly A Drag Queen In Brazil

US Rep. George Santos reportedly dressed as a drag queen named “Kitara” while living in Brazil more than a decade ago as more details of the congressman’s convoluted identity continue to emerge.

Santos (R-NY), who’s reportedly gone by a number of aliases in his truth-challenged past, appears to be depicted in a photo in a drag costume from 2008, according to an article from the Substack site “The Handbasket” by reporter Marisa Kabas.  

The latest look into Santos’ younger years was revealed to Kabas by Eula Rochard, a drag queen in Brazil and former friend of Santos.

Santos and Rochard met when Rochard was already an established drag queen in a Brazilian city next to Rio de Janeiro, according to the report.

“I think I met him when he was around 16 or 17 years old,” she said of Santos, who used to go by Anthony back then. “He used to hang out in my house while his mom was playing Bingo.”

Santos has reportedly used the pseudonyms Anthony Devolder and Anthony Zabrovsky.

Finally, another new episode of VEEP! I've never been more convinced that this guy is some kind of plant or running joke for a social experiment. I of course have zero problem with drag, in fact I love it (I'm in 3rd place in the office RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 fantasy draft) but the fact that this guy continues to make up lies, hide pieces of his past, and generally present himself as a completely different person in Government is what continues to make this so hilarious. Did he truly think he would get away with every single lie? How can you have photos floating around of your time competing as a Drag Queen in Brazil and not expect anyone to find them? You can change your name all you want, people still recognize you in and out of drag if they KNOW YOU PERSONALLY. You can't just change your life around if you've...made relationships with people in the world! I'm starting to come around and think that this guy is the most interesting man in existence. He woke up one day, decided to fabricate his entire life, and infiltrate Capitol Hill. Do we think he has a long game planned? Is he going to fuck shit up in the name of Drag Queens and liars alike? I can't wait for next episode.