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CeeDee Lamb Could Play For Me Anyday After Seeing This Clip Of Him And Brett Maher

Love this. Absolutely love this.The internet scorched Brett Maher Monday night (somewhat rightfully so). I mean 4 missed extra points is a wild stat line. Could have been way worse if he didn't finally make one. The Cowboys did manage to get the easy win, and all seems to be forgiven entering the Divisional. Maher could bring that scrutiny right back to the forefront if he misses another one or field goal in this week's game. But most of the Cowboys fan base seems to be moving past it , while still having worry about history repeating itself. 

This clip was really cool to see teammates interacting in the moment and reiterating to Maher it will be alright, and that one game doesn't define a season as Maher has been reliable all year. 

I loved CeeDee Lamb's approach here and wish more people were like that or took his attitude. Especially gambling. “So what you lost a few in a row? You won me a bunch on San Diego St for two straight seasons and you hit 3 futures in 2022, and you won your game of the year . We good." I think the world of gambling needs more CeeDee Lamb hype men. 

PS- This may be famous last words, but the Cowboys seem verrrrrrry live to finally break through and reach the Super Bowl.